Read below for some frequently asked questions about storing your boats, vehicles, or other items at Jenness Hill Auto & Marine Storage. Still have a question? Let us know via our Contact Form.


Do you offer storage for motorcycles? Boats? ATVs? Trailers? RVs?

Yes, we offer indoor storage for motorcycles, ATVs (side-by-sides and four-wheelers), and personal watercraft like jet skis. We offer outdoor storage for boats and trailers, snowmobiles with trailers, and even bobhouses (or ice shanties, if you’re fancy). Sorry, we do not offer storage for RVs and campers.

Is this like a self-storage facility where I can come and go as I please?

No, we’re a little different from typical self-storage facilities. In the winter, once your vehicle or boat has been parked and stored, it cannot be moved until the spring. For boats and personal watercraft, we do offer a summer “self-park” option where you can access your boat and trailer at your convenience Memorial Day through Labor Day. dfdf

I stored my boat with you for the winter. When can I get it in the spring?

Our winter storage period runs early September through late May. After the snow has melted, typically in early- to mid-May, boats will be accessible. We’ll communicate with you via e-mail when we’re ready to begin scheduling pickups.

Can I get to my vehicle in the winter?

No, once your vehicle is stored for the winter, it will remain there until May. If there’s an emergency and you’ve left something in the car, we can certainly help you access the item, but the car itself cannot be moved until the spring.

When can I access my boat in the summer?

During the summer, you can pick up and drop off your boat at your convenience with our “self-park” option. Please note that staff will not be available beyond 7 p.m., daily. If you’re dropping off your boat in the evening hours, please be respectful of our neighbors and keep the noise to a minimum.

How do I make an appointment to access my vehicle?

If you’re self-parking your boat or personal watercraft with us during the summer, no appointment is necessary. During the winter months, once your car or boat has been parked for the season, it cannot be moved until the spring. We’ll e-mail prior to the start of the season schedule a pickup. Our storage periods are: Memorial Day-Labor Day (summer) and Day after Labor Day-Day before Memorial Day (winter).

Do you offer boat launching services?

No, we do not offer boat launching services, but we’d be happy to recommend some local options.


I’m storing a boat or other item outside with you. Are trees on the property a concern?

When we purchased the property, we cleared and cut back many of the trees that were surrounding the outdoor parking areas. We’ll continue to monitor the property to ensure that any questionable foliage is removed, if necessary.

Can I run a battery tender to my vehicle over the winter?

There are a limited number of spaces that would allow for a battery tender (additional fees may apply). If this is of interest to you, please let us know in the contact form.

Is the indoor storage floor dirt or concrete?

The indoor storage floor is concrete.

What do you mean by “cold storage”?

Cold storage is unheated storage. There is no heat in the building at any time during the year.

What kind of security do you have on-site?

We have security cameras on-site for 24/7 monitoring. We’ve also installed floodlights and an alarm system. And, our location at 8 Jenness Hill Road in Meredith is only 2/10 of a mile from the Meredith Police Department.

Do you have a wash station?

Sorry, we do not have a wash station that’s available to the public.

Is there trash/waste removal on the property?

No, we ask that you carry out any personal waste from your boat or vehicle.

Do you have public restrooms?

We do not, but there are public restrooms located near the Meredith Town Docks.

How much is it to launch my boat from the Meredith Town Docks on Lake Winnipesaukee if I’m not a Meredith resident? Is there anything else I should know?

There is a $20 boat launch fee for non-residents to launch from the Meredith Town Docks on Lake Winnipesaukee. Please note that the maximum length of your boat and trailer should not exceed 30 feet. There is a three-hour time limit for docking between 7 a.m.-midnight and overnight docking is not allowed.

You can view a list of Lake Winnipesaukee boat launch locations here. Please visit the Town of Meredith website for information about other lakes and boat launches in the area.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and check.

Do you require a deposit?

We require payment in full for all storage options.

What is your cancellation policy?

We are unable to issue refunds for previously booked storage services.

Do I need to provide proof of insurance to store my boat or vehicle with you?

Yes, all customers must maintain their own insurance for vehicles, boats, or any other item while stored at Jenness Hill Auto & Marine Storage. Please contact your insurance provider and ask for Jenness Hill Auto & Marine Storage to be added as an “additional insured” on your policy. Your insurance provider will provide a Certificate of Insurance that we’ll ask for at time of drop-off.

Jenness Hill Auto & Marine Storage is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal items left in vehicles, boats, or other items stored with us. Jenness Hill Auto & Marine Storage is not responsible for any damage incurred by mother nature/Acts of God while your vehicle or vessel is stored with us. Furthermore, Jenness Hill Auto & Marine Storage is not responsible for any damage done by prior freezing temperatures. All individuals storing property at Jenness Hill Auto & Marine Storage must sign a release of liability waiver for any vessel, vehicle, or item that is stored on site.

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